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Lego Hobbit Minifigures

LEGO 30212 The Hobbit Mirkwood Elf Guard Minifigure Polybag


LEGO Hobbit Good Morning Bilbo Baggins Polybag GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE Brand New


Lego The Hobbit Lord of the rings Bofur the Dwarf Minifigure 79003


Lego The Hobbit 79015 - Witch King - Minifigure PLEASE SEE DESCRIPTION


LEGO Minifigure - The Hobbit - DWALIN the Dwarf with Cape - 79003


1 LEGO The Hobbit - Lord of the Rings Set #79015 - Witch-King Battle - New


LEGO 30216 The Hobbit Lake-town Guard Minifigure Polybag


Lego The Hobbit LOTR Oin The Dwarf Minifigure From Set 79004 Barrel Escape


LEGO Minifigure The Hobbit 3 MIRKWOOD ELF + TAURIEL legolas 79012


SALE CHEAP RARE !! Two Random LEGO Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Minifigures !!


LEGO 79013 Lake Town Chase New - Lego The Hobbit NISB!!


Lego The Hobbit 79013 Master of Lake Town New 100% Authentic


LEGO The Hobbit Kili MINIFIG new from Lego set #79018


LEGO The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Minifigure With Ring & Sword


Lego The Hobbit Galadriel Mini-Figure Pre-Owned Great Condition


Smaug Dragon Big Minifigure Hobbit toy movie Lord of the Rings CUSTOM


LEGO The Hobbit Brown Warg Minifigure loose from Mirkwood Elf Army 79012


Lego The Hobbit MirkWood Elf Army 79012 Lot Of 2 Elf Archers W/ Weapons


LEGO Lot of 11 Distinct Lord of the Rings / Hobbit Minifigures - 100% Authentic


Lego Lot of 40 Hobbit Lord Of The Rings Minifigure Lot


A2 LEGO MINIFIGURE AUTHENTIC! Witch-King Minifig LOTR Hobbit 79015


LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS PIPPIN Minifigure 9473 Hobbit


LEGO The Hobbit 79011 Dol Guldur Ambush Complete Set w/Manual & Minifigs(No Box)


NEW LEGO® Lord HOBBIT™ Bifur the Dwarf companion minifigure figure spear 79002


Smaug Dragon The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Minifigures Building Toy Custom Lego


Lego 79014 Dol Guldur Battle, Hobbit Lord Rings, used building 100% no minifigs


LEGO 79012 Hobbit Mirkwood Elf Army (no Minifigures Included)


LEGO 79014 Hobbit Lord of the Rings Necromancer of Dol Guldur Minifigure


LEGO LOTR HOBBIT MINIFIGURE Gloin the Dwarf from set 79004


LEGO Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gundabad Orc Minifigures Set of 2




LEGO lot of 4 minifigures Tauriel, chief, elf, and Orc The Hobbit 79001


NEW LEGO 79010 Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Set - NO MINIFIGURES OR GOBLIN KING


Genuine Lego Hobbit Good Morning Bilbo Baggins Minifigure GameStop Exclusive


LEGO Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit FIGURE & PARTS LOT Rare USED w/ Swords Daggers


LEGO The Hobbit Thorin Oakenshield Brand New 79017 Minifigure Minifig


LEGO LOTR HOBBIT minifigure Dori the Dwarf from set 79010


New Lego Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Minifigure Keychain 850680


Lego Hobbit Lord of the Rings Minifigure Rohan Soldier 9471 with Quiver!


LEGO The Hobbit - 79017 - Gwaihir the Eagle - Battle Of Five Armies - MiniFigure


Lego Lord of the Rings Hobbit Barrel Escape NEW 79004 No Box or Minifigures